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When Callie Chapman was 6 years old, she wrote a story Glitter the Unicorn. The Story, Glitter the Unicorn, is about a unicorn named Glitter and her best friend Ellie. The dynamic duo go on a magical adventure to Cotton Candy Land. They meet a Queen who sends Glitter and Ellie on a quest to find a special candy bar and have lots of fun along the way.  







Before I opened any of the Glitter The Unicorn books, I was already in love with the book covers. The pictures in the books are colorful and really make you want to read the book. This book can show kids all of the places that reading can take you. I loved following Ellie and Glitter on all sorts of wacky trips. Ellie and Glitter went to Cotton Candy Land, The Forrest of Lollipops, The Mountain of Chocolate, and even The Moon. I liked that I was able to use my imagination and travel to all sorts of crazy places while reading this book. Glitter the Unicorn series is also a good book  to show kids what true friendship should look like because Glitter is always right by Ellie’s side in each story. 


When I found out the author was just a kid, that made me want to write a story too. I think Glitter the Unicorn books can really inspire kids to not only use their imagination but to also write their own stories too. 






About the author


Callie Chapman, a student at Crestline Elementary, was 6 years-old when she wrote a story for the Expression’s Art Contest. The Story, Glitter the Unicorn is about a unicorn named Glitter and her best friend Ellie. The dynamic duo go on a magical adventure to Cotton Candy Land were they meet a Queen. The Queen sends Glitter and Ellie on an adventure through the lollipop forest and to the mountain of chocolate where Glitter and Ellie find a magical candy bar.  


A year later, with Callie’s book flying off the shelves (she sold more than 1,000 copies).  Callie donates all her proceeds from the sells of her three books, Glitter the Unicorn, Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Beach and Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Moon. Callie made her first donation to Children’s of Alabama in the amount of $3,500 on February 13, 2017. She plans to donate $1,000 to Children’s Hospital of New Orleans (June 25) as well as $6,500 to Children’s Hospital for art supplies (July 17 10am). This donation will make a total of $11,000 given to Children’s Hospital.




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