The Present is a Gift is a children's picture book that takes us on a journey to achieve mindfulness. Readers are transported from a classroom out into nature to observe animals in yoga poses and practicing mindfulness. Children will enjoy the illustrations and learn t...

The first book in this series introduces the reader to Raspberry Sassafras, a cow who moves from the farm to a high-rise apartment with her friend Jane, and learns to adjust to life in the big city. At the same time, Jane discovers that her friend Raspberry is far from...

When Callie Chapman was 6 years old, she wrote a story Glitter the Unicorn. The Story, Glitter the Unicorn, is about a unicorn named Glitter and her best friend Ellie. The dynamic duo go on a magical adventure to Cotton Candy Land. They meet a Queen who sends Glitter a...

Discover the heartwarming true story of an unlikely friendship. Scooter the calf and Sophie the sheep live on the picturesque Kinderhook Farm in upstate N.Y. Despite their many differences the animals form a special bond of friendship.


Sophie and Scooter is an aw...

Honey in the Woods is a "Reading with your Kids" Certified Great Read book and is a great way to introduce Spanish, incorporate diversity, and encourage creativity. Honey in the Woods is a delightful tale into the world of a child who sets out on a journey of...

Shaye and Emmett find an exciting surprise on their walk in the woods! Their new friends, twelve tiny tree trolls, have a message of love and happiness for children everywhere. ​ ​ What will they learn from these magical helpers? Will the grownups back home believe th...

Lenny And The Great Catastrophe is set on a mystical and mysterious Island in The Bahamas called Cat Island. Lenny makes a curious discovery in the middle of a Plantation ruin that sets him along a path that leads to adventure and danger.

Young Anthony Wright is no ordinary kid in his neighborhood. At only ten-years-old, little Anthony has found himself three different jobs helping others out in his community. When he isn’t helping Mr. Johnson sweep his store and taking out the trash, he’s collecting bo...

The book “A Bully on the School Bus” is about a little girl named Nicole, who experienced being bullied while she is on the school bus. On her way home from school one day, Nicole is confronted by one of her fellow schoolmates who rides the same school bus. This book h...

September 30, 2017

When Wesley goes to his uncle Rob’s house for summer break, he has no idea he’s going to learn about something entirely new to him. Uncle Rob has wanted a new car for a while. When he spots a great deal for one online, he takes Wesley to the dealership with him to chec...

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Review: "The Present Is a Gift"

October 1, 2018

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