The Hungry Minds Book Awards

The Hungry Minds Book Awards Ceremony was created to  honor the hard work of independent authors and publishers and to encourage recreational reading among young people. All books reviewed will be entered into our first annual Hungry Minds children's book awards. 


The winners of our first annual Hungry Minds Book Awards will be announced on September 30th, 2019. The authors, illustrators, and publishers of the winning books will be announced online. Young readers will select all winners. Authors/publishers of the books selected as winners will be presented with an award  to commemorate their accomplishment.

There are 14 categories for which an individual or book may be nominated:

Children’s Book of the Year Primary (Grades K-3)

Children’s Book of the Year Intermediate (Grades 3-6)

Children’s Book of the Year Middle School/Junior High (Grades 6-9)

Children’s Book of the Year Young Adult (Grades 9-12)

Picture Books of the Year  (For Older Readers 4th Grade and up)

Comic book of the Year

Diversity Matters Award

Independent Children's Publisher of the Year Award 

Kid Author of the year Award

Children’s Book Author of the Year Award 

Children's E-book of the year 

Children's Financial Literacy Book of the Year

Parent's Choice Award

Kid's Choice Award

Health and Wellness Children's Book of the Year

Bullying Prevention Award **Recently suggested and added**

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August 1st - Nomination deadline

September 30th- Announcement of winners online

Please contact Mrs. LaDonna N. Smith  

for complete shipping details.

Pay entry fee online securely via paypal

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Please direct questions to our Hungry Minds Book Awards Coordinator, 

 Mrs. LaDonna N. Smith -


Who can submit a nomination?

An author, publisher, friend, family member, or reader may submit a nomination. However, all nomination forms must be submitted with (1) copy of the children’s book being nominated and the $75 nomination fee (first book). Each additional book entered by and author will be $35 per title.

Do I have to be featured in Writer's Life to participate in The Hungry Minds Children's Book Awards?

No, you can enter by paying the $75 entry fee. However, being featured in the magazine will increase your exposure as an author. 

How will the winning entries be selected?

Young people will read, and review all books received and recommend their favorite books, authors, illustrators, and publishers for nomination. A vote will then be cast by the children of Hungry Minds Book Club, along with a panel of parents, librarians, authors, and educators to choose the winning entries.

Are their any eligibility requirements?

To be considered for nomination, a book must be an original work published by a living author. Recommendations for nomination are due each year by August 1st for consideration as a nominee in our September book awards.

Can I be nominated in more than one category?

Yes, all books entered must select at least one nomination category. 

How many winners will be selected for each category?

There will be one winner in each of The Hungry Minds Book Awards categories. The judges reserve the right to place your book in an alternate category if the one you selected is not the best fit for your book. A minimum of 5 or a maximum of 14 winners will be selected from the entries received.

What will happen with the review copy of my book after the review process?

Books will not be returned. All books will be reviewed on the Hungry Minds Book Blog. Books will be given to children in the book club or donated to local libraries, literacy programs or childcare programs. ***Books will be read and reviewed online during the summer months, unless specified otherwise.****

What is the total cost to participate in the book awards,book review, and magazine promotion ?

The award nominations fee is $75  for the first entered book and $35 per book for each additional book entered by an author. 

What do the entry fees cover?

Entry fees will cover the cost of awards that will be presented to each of the winners as well as rentals fees for the space where we the children will reading and meeting over the summer. 

What are the benefits of entering the contest?

Pursuing and winning book awards will give you another opportunity to reach out to the media, booksellers and agents.  It’s the added credibility that gives readers the assurance that a book is worthwhile. It takes the risk out of the equation if your book is an "Award-Winning" book.

Awards also create interest in your book, which can lead to more sales and other opportunities. A book award may cause someone to stop  and consider picking up your book in a book store. A book award can give you an edge and sometimes that’s all the difference you need to have your book stand out from all of the others . If you win you can say you are an “Award-Winning author.” Doesn’t that sound better? Of course it does!!!!

Lastly, you will have the right to use the Hungry Minds Seal of Approval on your website, books, etc. The children's seal of approval on a book lets parents and educators know that they are giving their child a book that other children have recommended. Who better to review your book than your actual target audience. 

***Additional book categories may be suggested and added to our list but not on the printable form***

Revised 06/20/18


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